3D-printable generic cabinet knob

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This generic pull-knob for cabinet drawers is easy to 3D-print and mount on any flat surface using a standard and commonly available M4 screw.

The knob can be placed directly on a flat surface or recessed into a 14 mm hole. The cone-shaped recessed version of the knob also allows for glueing instead of screwing.

The bore in this knob is designed to be slightly smaller than 4 mm when 3D-printed, thus making it possible to use a standard M4 screw without needing a nut or tapping the hole it in advance. We recommend you to use as long screws as possible to achieve a strong thread-grip.

We designed this knob as a part of a project where an old pharmacy counter from 1906 was salvaged from becoming scrap. Some knobs where missing and instead of making new ones on a lathe we decided to 3D-print in thick layers using brown PLA filament.

By Creative-Tools.com

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3D-printable cabinet knob by Creative-Tools.com (recessed mount) copy.stl
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3D-printable cabinet knob by Creative-Tools.com (flat mount).stl
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