HiveDRONE: Scout 022 Action figure(Half Scale)

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HiveDRONE is a series of terraforming machines designed and built by an unidentifed Alien Military. Scout 022 Models swarm planets for the purpose of identifying recources and threats undetected from the sky. Though Slender and seemingly delicate these humanoid Drones are agile and resilient in order to complete there mission and survive on land terrains.

Design Files

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hivedrone(halfscale) - footright_halfscale-1.stl
649 KB
hivedrone(halfscale) - upperarmleft_halfscale-1.stl
552 KB
hivedrone(halfscale) - shinright_halfscale-1.stl
485 KB
hivedrone(halfscale) - thighright_halfscale-1.stl
425 KB
hivedrone(halfscale) - thighleft_halfscale-1.stl
428 KB
hivedrone(halfscale) - head_halfscale-1.stl
1.44 MB
hivedrone(halfscale) - lowerarmleft_halfscale-1.stl
641 KB
hivedrone(halfscale) - lowerarmright_halfscale-1.stl
644 KB
hivedrone(halfscale) - footleft_halfscale-1.stl
645 KB
hivedrone(halfscale) - shinleft_halfscale-1.stl
488 KB
hivedrone(halfscale) - chest_halfscale-1.stl
6.61 MB
hivedrone(halfscale) - upperarmright_halfscale-1.stl
545 KB


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