Anycubic i3 Mega Lightweight Hotend Housing

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This hotend cover is based on the following design:

However, I redesigned the hotend cover quite a bit. Most important features of the cover:

  • Lightweight: reduces ghosting and costs less filament to print
  • Is compatible with both the stock parts cooling fan and heatsink fan
  • Can be mounted with four M3 nuts and M3 bolts, a link for which can be found below
  • It is much easier to reach the hotend distribution PCB

I suggest printing this part at 100% infill and with tree supports.

Depending on the accuracy of your printer, it might be necessary to sand/file some parts of the hotend cover, in order to make it fit perfectly.

You can buy the needed hardware from the following link (affiliate): Bolts & nuts

You will need to use support for this print. I would recommend using tree support (experimental feature in Cura, or add it using Autodesk Meshmixer), as this makes it very easy to remove the support material after printing.


If you want to support me for the designs I publish for free, please consider using my AliExpress Affiliate Link when buying something from AliExpress. It doesn't cost you anything extra, but helps me out a lot :)

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