Star Wars Inspired Mandalorian Deathwatch I-Gauntlet


This is a CUSTOM Star Wars INSPIRED Mandalorian Deathwatch Gauntlet... This is my custom design any sharing of the files outside of personal use 1 time print is prohibited. These files have already been tested and prototyped many times everything works great... This version is compatible with the IPHONE 6 SE (no others from the "6" line that I know of fit) also fits IPHONE and I TOUCH 5 series... I do have other versions in the making (design and prototyping process) to incorperate other devices and smart phones ... If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Design Files

File Size STL File.STL
7.11 KB Body Part 1 of 4 STL File.STL
361 KB Body Part 2 of 4 STL File.STL
95.5 KB Body Part 3 of 4 STL File.STL
586 KB Body Part 4 of 4 STL File.STL
69.2 KB Connector STL File.STL
282 KB 5th Gen STL File.STL
291 KB Gauntlet End Cap STL File.STL
618 KB


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