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This large container has 274 holes spread evenly around it's circumference. The holes don't line up in the vertical direction because the base shape has varying diameters. This points out the seldom recognized problem of how to locate evenly spaced points/dots/ arbitrary shapes on any curved surface. (Automobile speaker grills are a common example of this.)

The method used for this design first sets up the number of evenly spaced rows of holes, and then calculates the even spacing for each row of circles in that row. This method is drastically different from the method used for For that design the rows and columns do line up, but for that to happen each hole has to be distorted based on the diameter of the geometry at that particular height.

Perforated1 printed in a little more than 34 hours using a print speed of 80 mm/sec and a layer height of 0.200 mm.

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