This is a dreamcatcher I modelled in several designs programs. I have to say it really helped me remember good dreams after waking up. A dreamcatcher works like this: the bad dreams are catched in the net.. > the good dreams slide gently of the feathers. Print this model in your favorite colors. If you want to know how I made the net just watch a YouTube video about how to make a dreamcatcher.

I have printed this model in black and white Ultimaker PLA. My resolution is 0.2mm. My infill is 18%. I did use a skirt on all of the models. You can use your own settings.. no worries!

Made with love by:

Raimon of IdeaLab

Design Files

File Size

feather small_fixed.stl
384 KB
feather medium_fixed.stl
385 KB
feather big_fixed.stl
386 KB
catcher v1_fixed.stl
391 KB


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