Beric Dondarrion from Game of thrones

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3d printable bust/portrait (fan art) of Beric Dondarrion(Richard Dormer) from Game of Thrones TV show.

file units: mm (millimeters)

file format: STL

height(Z): 200 mm

width(X): 134 mm

depth(Y): 120 mm

this bust/portrait has a very high level of detail and if you have a 3d printer that can reproduce such detail, you will see all that detail in your 3d print, including skin pores. but even if your 3d printer cannot print such level of detail you will still get the maximum detail your 3d printer can produce. any detail thinner than what your 3d printer can handle will be simply ignored by your slicer software.

Supports are needed in some areas like under the nose, chin, etc. 

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