Junkyard Outpost Gate - Legion Scale

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Junkyard Outpost Gate for use with Star Wars Legion or any other 35-38mm tabletop game. Includes 5 STL files - two halves of the main domed part, 2 pieces each for the two support towers, and 1 piece for each of the spires. Final model will comprise 8 individual pieces. Also included are recommended printer settings.

The completed model (including spires) measures 36.5cm x 9cm x 18.5cm (14.3" x 3.5" x 7.25").  It measures 13.1cm (5.1") from the bottom to the flat part at the top, keeping it within range 1 for climbing or jumping game mechanics. The model will require assembly (see photos for broken down pieces and recommended print orientation). We recommend super glue, with an added piece of plastic under the two halves of the dome for extra strength. Please feel free to contact us with any assembly questions.

Legal disclaimer: This is original, fanmade artwork based on images from Lucasfilm, used under the Creative Commons license. This digital model is provided for personal use only. Buyer may not redistribute/share or sell digital files. Buyer may not modify digital files with intent to share or sell. 3d files are provided as-is but are guaranteed tested for successful printing.

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