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Backhand is an ergonomic handle for back washing (and scratching) designed to make that chore easier for everyone.  Especially for people with various health problems who cannot easily do that by themselves. 

It is designed so that any user can chose a type of sponge they most prefer and easily put it into the sponge holder and remove it to replace it. (example in the pictures) All you need to do is push the sponge in, and later pull it out. This has been extensively tested and the sponge is held firmly enough for the intended use. As long as its big enough, which most of such sponges are.

You can see the dimensions of the sponge holder in the pictures.

Any buyers will get any future upgrades or updates to this model for free.


You need a printer with at least 300 x 300 mm printing surface. And at least 370 mm or 400, as my Cr10 has.

The model needs to be positioned diagonally across the bed. I would recommending printing it in PetG due to its better resistance to water and sunlight, but i suppose PLA would also last enough time for personal use.  You only need supports from the bed to the model, the holes in the handle dont require any.  Adjust the temperatures and speeds for your specific machine and specific filament you use. PetG usually requires lower speed then 40mm/s but i managed with 60mm/s for supports, inner walls and infill.

From 25 to 36mm/s for first layers and outside wall.

I keep the infill very low and use at least 6 walls, at 0.4 nozzle diameter, 0.2 layer height. Printing time should be between 17 and 20 hours.

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