Team Yell Bracelets and Button - Sword and Shield


Show others how you roll and who you would love to become champion.

I created this arm and ankle bracelet to be printed in smaller parts and to come apart. 

The Team Yell arm bracelet measures approximately 168 mm x 168 mm x 31 mm. The inside opening is approximately 63 mm in diameter.

The Team Yell ankle bracelet measures approximately 129 mm x 129 mm x 41 mm. The inside opening is approximately 91 mm in diameter.

Both can be scaled up pretty reliably if you want the bracelets to be larger.

To assemble each bracelet, print the four pieces out. Push in the spikes into the outside holes. You can use glue to secure these spikes. The two remaining parts of the bracelet have holes that fit 6.35 mm x 6.35 mm (1/4 inch x 1/4 inch) round magnets. You can place a magnet in each of these eight holes to allow the bracelet to come apart.

For my bracelets, I used this seller on eBay [affiliate link]: I like using their magnets in general, even if you're not using their 6.35 mm (1/4 inch-sized) magnets. If you don't want to use magnets, you can also shove a dowel into the hole to secure the bracelet ends.

This listing also includes a button that can be sized up or down to add to your Team Yell cosplay. If you're looking for a tank top to compliment your cosplay, I have one that I designed too:

Design Files

File Size

Team Yell Ankle Bracelet 4.stl
1.61 MB
Team Yell Ankle Bracelet 3.stl
1.61 MB
Team Yell Ankle Bracelet 2.stl
1.06 MB
Team Yell Ankle Bracelet 1.stl
1.06 MB
Team Yell Ankle Bracelet.obj
1 MB
Team Yell Button.stl
1.32 MB
Team Yell Button.obj
178 KB
Team Yell Bracelet.obj
1020 KB
Team Yell Bracelet 1.stl
1.05 MB
Team Yell Bracelet 4.stl
1.53 MB
Team Yell Bracelet 3.stl
1.56 MB
Team Yell Bracelet 2.stl
1.05 MB


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