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Tilt is an easy canvas hanger designed to painting canvases from 0 - 5 lbs. Tilt can be attached to your wall with either a Command Strips or two screws and drywall anchors. The design is nested and prints as one part that will not seperate. Tilt has two point designed to bite the wood on the canvas frame in order to keep it from slipping off the mount. Tilt pivots on the center pin allowing easy leveling of the canvas once hung on the wall.

Print Settings - Layer Hight ( .2 ), Perimeters (3), Infill (30%), Material (PLA)

Finishing - Once you pull it off the print bed, you will need to apply slight pressure on the back of the "ears" towards the front. This will unstick any bridging material from the two parts allowing it to rotate freely. Fix Tilt to the wall with a Command Strip or Screws and you're finished!

Large Command Strips - https://www.command.com/3M/en_US/command/products/~/Command-Large-Refill-Strips/?N=5924736+3294529207+3294773680&preselect=5583838+3293786499+4294850720&rt=rud

Update: v2 adds material to cover the top of the peg for added strength, narrows the tolerance and makes it a little easier to break it free once printing is complete.

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