Star Wars ROTJ Proton Grenade


Easy print, but needs support material in some areas.

There are 4 version , total body 87.5mm X and Y and 103mm in the Z axis , some of the versions wold be for fridge magnets.

There's space for electronics for the main prop and place for magnets at the bottom 10mm diameter, and the top main as 2.5mm diameter holes for magnets as well.

Please any alteration that you require let me know, I'm here to help

***Buying this model you agree to personal use only. You can't distribute this file to anyone else**

Design Files

File Size

main body everything except igniter.stl
4.63 MB
main component 1.stl
1.7 MB
main component 2.stl
4.96 KB
main component 3.stl
4.96 KB
bottom mags.stl
387 KB
component 1.stl
511 KB
component 2.stl
511 KB
2.81 MB
main body everything cut in half.stl
3.04 MB
main body with vents.stl
1.98 MB
main body.stl
957 KB
screw 1.stl
716 KB
screw 2.stl
716 KB
top main.stl
530 KB
vent 1.stl
914 KB
vent 2.stl
914 KB


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