Quacks of Quedlinburg Board Game Insert

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This is my design for the Quacks of Quedlinburg board game insert/organizer. This design will fit the Herb Witches expansion and sleeved cards. The ingredient token "sleeves" are from a user on Thingiverse and are not included in these STL files.

Design Files

File Size

Black _ Pink v2.stl
85.4 KB
Blue Green Red _ Orange v1.stl
75.3 KB
Books _ Witches v2.stl
39.2 KB
Fortune Cards mod v1.stl
443 KB
Player Bits v3.stl
72.6 KB
Player Drawer v2.stl
224 KB
PlayerBin v1.stl
42.7 KB
Purple v2.stl
105 KB
Rubies _ Die v1.stl
97.3 KB
yellow v2.stl
76.8 KB


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