ToyZiki v1 SCX10.2 Two Speed Adaptation


This is a parts set for the ToyZuki v1 Chassis. Thsi will allow you to mount and operate an SCX10.2 Two Speed Transmission to the ToyZuki Chassis. The braces are varying widths to accommodate different bolt on setups. If you need a front or rear brace longer or shorter, simply scale on the left to right axis only. The G-10 Chassis will flex into a stiffer frame with the slightly differing widths. 

Rear Chassis Brace Width - 72mm

Skid Width - 78mm (Lower links mount 4 - 3x40mm w nuts)

Front Eletronics Brace Width - 68mm

ToyZuki Chassis -

Design Files

File Size

Batery Plate.stl
400 KB
Front Eletronics Brace D w_Post.stl
342 KB
Front Eletronics Brace D.stl
155 KB
Front Eletronics Brace P w_Post.stl
342 KB
Front Eletronics Brace.stl
155 KB
Front Eletronics Plate.stl
128 KB
Front Servo and Winch Mount.stl
457 KB
Front Trans Brace D.stl
59.6 KB
Front Trans Brace M.stl
586 KB
Front Trans Brace P.stl
59.6 KB
Rear Brace.stl
384 KB
Scx 10_2 Toy Zuki Skid.stl
1.84 MB
Shift Servo Mount.stl
203 KB
Toy Zuki Rear Lower Chassis Brace.stl
848 KB
Toy Zuki Rear Upper Chassis Brace.stl
470 KB


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