Star Trek Into Darkness Vengeance Phaser Rifle


Long print, it all depends what quality of printing, supports need it in some areas, total length is 760mm, it fits my Ultimaker so it should fit any printer, any alterations for printing please contact me

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Design Files

File Size

back main 1.stl
2.22 MB
back main 2.stl
3.44 MB
back pegs 1.stl
684 Bytes
back pegs 2.stl
684 Bytes
3.11 MB
Barrel B.stl
544 KB
Barrel T.stl
544 KB
Front barrel blok.stl
4.59 MB
front conector 2.stl
76.4 KB
front conector.stl
78.2 KB
hand guard back.stl
949 KB
Hand guard bottom detail.stl
89.6 KB
hand guard.stl
4.85 MB
mid main (1).stl
1.08 MB
mid main (2).stl
1.45 MB


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