Clone Officer Set-1 Legion Scale

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This is Set-1 of 2 there are 8 different Clone Officers in this set. In Set 2 there will be 8 different Clone Officers as well, I hope you all enjoy.

28mm Legion scale HQ 3D printed miniature.

Design Files

File Size

Rifle,Officer.large-DC15 (repaired).stl
3.3 MB
2.Weapon. Holding.v2(repaired).stl
6.66 MB
2handed Pislot (repaired).stl
2.78 MB
Clone.Tinker1. (repaired).stl
3.84 MB
Clone.Tinker3no work (repaired).stl
7.01 MB
Macrobinoculars Officer(repaired).stl
7.19 MB
5.39 MB
Sniper Officer.standing(repaired).stl
4.05 MB


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