Bunny Kingdom Board Game Insert

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This is my design for an insert for the Bunny Kingdom board game. The insert will fit the In the Sky expansion and sleeved cards. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Design Files

File Size

2Spire Bin v1.stl
152 KB
Cards - Base Game v1.stl
558 KB
BK - Handle.stl
51 KB
3 Spire Bin v1.stl
144 KB
5Spire Bin v1.stl
153 KB
Base game tokens v1.stl
237 KB
Base token sleeve v1.stl
1.22 MB
Base x2 v1.stl
274 KB
Base x3 v1.stl
370 KB
BK - Carrot v4 Body.stl
224 KB
BK - Carrot v5 Lid.stl
618 KB
BK Spacer v2.stl
46.6 KB
Camps_SkyBridge v2.stl
179 KB
Cards - In The Sky v2.stl
204 KB
Coin Tray v1.stl
213 KB
ItS Spacer v1.stl
32.1 KB
Sky Island Tokens v2.stl
378 KB
1Spire Bin v1.stl
144 KB


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