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This is my design for an insert/storage solution for the Clank board game and ALL expansions released so far - INCLUDING The Ape Lords expansion. This does not fit the Upper Management Pack for the Acquisitions Incorporated Clank Legacy game. Please let me know if you have any questions!

Design Files

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Clank - Base Bits.stl
195 KB
Clank - Coins.stl
31.3 KB
Clank - Gold-Silk.stl
372 KB
Clank - Mummy Bits.stl
97.4 KB
Clank - Player Bits.stl
166 KB
Clank Card Holder - MC.stl
107 KB
Clank Card Holder DD.stl
128 KB
Clank Card Holder ST.stl
142 KB
Clank - Ape Lords Tokens v1.stl
156 KB
Clank - Market Tile V2.stl
325 KB
Clank Card Holder - Reserve v2.stl
204 KB


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