3 in 1 Mini Octahedron Concrete Planter Mold (Harom Farkas)


These octahedron molds are what we at Három Farkas use to create beautiful concrete planters! They´re intuitive, minimalistic, and extremely easy to print and use.

We´ve been using the same printed molds for hundreds of octahedrons so their durability has been tried and tested. This is the MK 1 version. Just add your concrete mix, wait until it dries and pull the piece out! (Make sure to remove the cores before it dries completely, otherwise they´ll get stuck to the concrete!)

The only other thing you need are a couple of binder clips and some rubber bands (for exceptional results). We hope you like them. Use them for personal use or to make your own planter business! 

Size: 5x6cm with a 2x3cm hole for your mini cactii and succulents!

Print properties: PLA 0.20-0.25mm layer height Average speed Minimal supports (in fact, functionally speaking they´re not necessary at all)

Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

Design Files

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MINI OCTA MK1 Side 1.stl
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MINI OCTA MK1 Side 2.stl
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