The Great Wave Off Kanagawa

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By using this 3D printed woodblock Ukiyo-e technique, you can print as many different colour versions as you like. If you don't want to do all the work of 3D printing and sanding, you can find a ready made kit here.

Note: The clip above shows the Large size Great Wave Off Kanagawa being printed W390mm x H570mm - This Pinshape download is for the small size version H215mm x H295mm. These 3D files were created by a manually tracing and colour separating with brain power, not a super frustrating raster to vector converter algorithm. The result is a beautifully true version of Hokusai's most famous work that you can now print with acrylic on paper in any colour you like!

Detailed PDF instructions on how to use these plates are included in this download.

Print settings: I personally use 0.6mm nozzle and a 0.3mm layer but the regular 0.4mm nozzle with a 0.2mm layer will give you even better detail but take a bit longer to 3D print. 

Use printer settings that create 100% solids. However I don't recommend using high infill 100% settings to achieve this, instead increase the top and bottom layer count to above 5 and it will also make a complete solid as long as your layer height is 0.3mm, also set outline to 2 outlines, printing outside first then inside.

Note: The reason for not using a high % infill setting to achieve a solid print is to avoid long stretches of print head zigzagging while it tries to do a very fine honeycomb structure, this causes lots of vibrations and noise. By specifying top/bottom infill layers that are more than the actual number of layers present, the printer is forced to do a back and forth movement pattern for every single layer). 

After printing each plate, use a sanding block and 120 grit sandpaper to make the top surface really flat so it holds paint evenly. This does not take long if you have used PLA plastic. The solid strip of plastic at the top is where you should attach your paper using masking tape.

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More designs to come soon.


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02 Light Coloured Water.stl
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The Kit 2019 English.pdf
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01 Sky.stl
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03 Medium Coloured Water.stl
17.5 MB
04 Boats.stl
4.87 MB
05 Thatch.stl
4.32 MB
06 Clouds.stl
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07 Dark Coloured Water and Line Deatil.stl
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