Ball Speeder ( Ubrikkian)

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Tattooine Ball Speeder.  located outside the Cantina in Mos-Eisley.   I used lenses for the windows .  Here is the link for the lenses:

You will need to print 4 of the window rings. 

Design Files

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UBI Landing Gear.STL
288 KB
Ubi Main Bottom Body.STL
478 KB
Ubi Main Top Body.STL
1.16 MB
UBI speeder 4 pegs(3)-export.stl
11 KB
UBI Top and antenna 2ver.STL
159 KB
window ring ver 2.STL
314 KB
top Peg.STL
11.8 KB
UBI Cockpit internal.STL
1.62 MB


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