Vat cover Flyingbear Shine LCD resin printer


Vat cover for Resin LCD Flyingbear Shine 3D printer:

1) Vat cover it’s designed in Fusion 360 and fits perfectly over the edges of the Vat tank, also has a inner border that make it fits with a small tolerance inside the tank for long term storage outside the printer.The uploaded model its version 2, compared with the printed version, having bigger ears in the area of the nut bolts for better grip.Has a reinforced middle structure allowing a thin top -3mm .Hole in the middle to pass the threaded M8 handle screwed in a M8 nut under the cover.

   Material: red PETG

   Printing technology : FDM

   Fastener: M8x1.25 nut ( I used stainless steel)

   Layer hight: 0.1mm

   Support: no support structure

2) Vat handle also designed in Fusion 360, separated from vat cover for eliminating support structures.Screwed in the M8 nut from vat cover.I painted it with red acrylic spray having a glossy finish.You can hallow the model( I used Meshmixer) and set 2.5mm walls with one hole centred in the bottom of the screw and one for each letter on the top.

   Material: resin

Printing technology : DLP-LCD

   Layer hight: 0.05mm

   Support: no support structure

Design Files

File Size

handle vat cover.stl
10.9 MB
vat cover.stl
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