Loki Chitauri Scepter Avengers

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Loki scepter is 1200mm long, it as a hole that gooe from the mind stone to the guard so you can ad some eletronics it looks better if you cast the orb the front blade as 10mm hole so you can ad a metal rod and all so the handle, it needs supports

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conector 1.stl
135 KB
front Blade (1).stl
860 KB
front Blade.stl
420 KB
guard back.stl
3.73 MB
Guard batery holder.stl
604 KB
Guard front.stl
1.54 MB
Handle (1).stl
1.63 MB
handle conector.stl
547 KB
1.08 MB
litle blade.stl
304 KB
orb clamp 1.stl
213 KB
orb clamp 2.stl
212 KB
orb holder.stl
7.14 MB
1.53 MB
Top back blade (1).stl
49.1 KB
Top back blade conector.stl
316 KB
Top back blade.stl
76.5 KB
top front blade.stl
189 KB


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