For Hubsan Zino Transmitter a customized Sunshade and Laynard


Hello you have to get used to the other feeling of the transmitter, but then you have the option to choose between sunscreen and Laynard holder. So I hope that the parts afford you good services and you can have more joy in the hobby. best regards

TIP Instead of plastic sun protection you can also use cardboard to customize the protection. Ca 1mm Thickness


Please see the pictures to understand how the holder works. All parts are very closely programmed to ensure a good function. So it is very important to break edges after printing and deburring well. Be careful of the recess and the holder right for the small plastic clamp on the transmitter (pictures) Do not try to mount the parts by force everything should work smoothly, so I tested it! We all know that printing is how exactly everything is and on the printer.

re = right li = left We at NSGN do everything with devotion to give you a better experience :-)

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