Diecast model truck from Mad Max Fury road Scale 1:43

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The People Eater's Limousine was designed by Peter Pound and originally named the Gastown Petrol Tanker. It functioned as the vehicle of choice of the main businessman of the Wastelands - The People Eater.

Model dimensions:

- length – 528 mm

- width – 78.6 mm

- height - 98 mm

Model consists from parts:

-         truck - body, chassis, front wheels, rear wheels, right exhaust pipes, left exhaust pipes, bampers, top gunmachine, pins;

-         trailer 1 - frame of trailer 1, right tank, left tank, spheres, front ballon, rear ballon, double wheels, pins;

-         trailer 2 - frame of trailer 2, tank, balloon, stand, right guard 1, left guard 1, right guard 2, left guard 2, double wheels, pins.

Pins and guards need to be from metal.

Design Files

File Size

Right exhaust pipes.STL
1.07 MB
RackMultipart20190624-8432-1gvlmu6.zip/Fuel truck.STL
120 MB
RackMultipart20190624-8432-19qnj38.zip/Fuel truck.obj
123 MB
RackMultipart20190624-8432-19qnj38.zip/Fuel truck.mtl
3.64 KB
Double wheel.STL
2.86 MB
Frame of trailer 1.STL
1.41 MB
Front ballon.STL
213 KB
Left tank.STL
10.1 MB
28 KB
Rear ballon.STL
176 KB
Right tank.STL
10.1 MB
522 KB
185 KB
Frame of trailer 2.STL
1.56 MB
Left guard 1.STL
436 KB
Left guard 2.STL
436 KB
Right guard 1.STL
436 KB
Right guard 2.STL
436 KB
98.7 KB
17.4 MB
6.18 MB
14.7 MB
8.65 MB
Front wheel.STL
2.48 MB
Left exhaust pipes.STL
1.09 MB
Rear wheel.STL
2.36 MB
Top gunmachine.STL
239 KB


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