Diecast model Dreadnought from the movie Death race Scale 1:43

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The Dreadnought is a Peterbilt 359 semi with a tanker trailer attached. The Dreadnought is operated by prison security and is fitted with numerous firearms for offense and a large number of tank-style smoke grenade launchers, as well as a cow-catcher, armor-plating, wheel spikes and even spiked rear chains for defense.

Model dimensions:

- length – 544,9 mm

- width – 84 mm

- height – 106,1 mm

Model consist of parts:

-         Truck - chassis, cabin, bumper, rear part of cabin, front wheels, rear wheels, right exhaust pipe,  left exhaust pipe, spears, truck gun, pins;

-         Trailer - trailer part 1, trailer part 2, trailer part 3, top tank body, top part, gunmachines, top gunmachines, missile system, big barrel, small barrel, inserts 1, inserts 2, wheels of trailer, supports , axles.

Pins and inserts need to be from metal.

Design Files

File Size

Rear wheel.STL
3.28 MB
Left exhaust pipe.STL
209 KB
5.91 MB
Trailer part 3.STL
861 KB
Top tank body.STL
892 KB
Truck gun.STL
393 KB
31.6 KB
Rear part of cabin.STL
140 KB
56.4 MB
84.4 MB
3.62 KB
28 KB
Big barrel.STL
225 KB
393 KB
Insert 1.STL
309 KB
Insert 2.STL
295 KB
Missile system.STL
525 KB
Small barrel.STL
49.1 KB
159 KB
Top gunmachine.STL
239 KB
Top part.STL
1.47 MB
Trailer part 1.STL
5.65 MB
Trailer part 2.STL
540 KB
Wheel of trailer.STL
4.08 MB
84 KB
2.1 MB
Front wheel.STL
2.03 MB
28 KB
Right exhaust pipe.STL
209 KB


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