2 Piece Geometric Planters

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These fully 3D printable planters in a variety of shapes print in two pieces: a pot and a reservoir. The soil goes in the larger pot section, which sits inside the lower reservoir section. Combined, the two pieces make a planter that is a self-watering - if you add water to the reservoir, or self-draining - if it's watered from the top. (I am no expert on plants or gardening. I just like to design and print planters for them! So let me know if you think something should be changed.)

Printing Details:

Any layer height should work just fine.

NO supports are needed.

I recommend printing the pots upside down to decrease the risk of it falling during printing. (this does require some bridging capabilities to complete the bottom section.

Design Files

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Hexagon Reservoir.stl
227 KB
Round Pot.stl
902 KB
Pentagon Pot.stl
886 KB
Pentagon Reservoir.stl
240 KB
Round Reservoir.stl
342 KB
Square Pot.stl
937 KB
Square Reservoir.stl
226 KB
Triangle Pot.stl
1.03 MB
Triangle Reservoir.stl
224 KB
Hexagon Pot.stl
879 KB


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