Diecast model Buckaroo Bonzai Jet Truck Scale 1:24

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Buckaroo Bonzai Jet Truck is a modified Ford F-350 pickup truck powered by a jet engine and capable of exceeding the speed of sound. The car is also equipped with a secret device called an "oscillation overthruster", which Banzai and his associates hope will allow it to drive through solid matter.

Model dimensions:

- length – 287.8 mm

- width – 163 mm

- height – 134.5 mm

Model consists from parts: air intake, body, frame, front bamper, front pins, jet engine, left balloons, left front wheel, left rearview mirror, left wing, license plate, light stop signals, radiator, rear bamper, rear pins, rear wheels, right balloons, right front wheel, right rearview mirror, right wing, tool 1, tool 2, tool 3, tool 4, top wing.

Pins need to be from metal.

Design Files

File Size

720 KB
Rear bamper.STL
345 KB
Rear pin.STL
28 KB
Front pin.STL
28 KB
Rear wheel.STL
26.1 MB
Tool 3.STL
637 KB
Right rearview mirror.STL
411 KB
Right wing.STL
413 KB
Tool 1.STL
1.04 MB
Tool 4.STL
49.3 KB
Tool 2.STL
187 KB
Top wing.STL
1.18 MB
Right balloons.STL
1.32 MB
Right front wheel.STL
2.85 MB
2.18 KB
147 MB
80.4 MB
Air intake.STL
1.58 MB
9.36 MB
809 KB
Front bamper.STL
713 KB
Jet engine.STL
197 KB
Left balloons.STL
1.04 MB
Left front wheel.STL
2.85 MB
Left rearview mirror.STL
396 KB
Left wing.STL
413 KB
License plate.STL
295 KB
Light stop signal.STL
406 KB


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