Foaming Gel container (voronoi pattern)

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Foaming Gel container (voronoi pattern)

This is a container in the wellknown voronoi style. If you scale it up or down you can use it for several purposes. The original size of this model is: ~ 373752mm. I use this container to put in a sample of foaming gel. It uses 11gram (1.38meter) of your spool.

I hope you guys enjoy it! :)

Post printing:

remove the brim and you're done.

Design steps

If you want to model something with a voronoi pattern yourself you can watch this video for the tutorial: (the video is lots of fun!)

I learned while using this skill that it's good to use the 'form' function in fusion 360. This way my shells (walls) are not double sided. After creating the basic form in fusion 360 i imported the file in meshmixer and made the triangles (see video) with the 'reduce' function after (Ctrl A) selecting the object. Finally i exported the file to netfabb online STL repairing service.

Good luck!


Raimon of IdeaLab

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