Birdcage Adapter with Simple Hydroponic Culture

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It's a tool to give fresh vegetables to small birds of house pet. Please see Youtube for details.(If you like it, please register your channel.)

Alunar M508(Reprap Prusa i3)

 PLA  0.1mm Resolution  0.3mm Surface Thickness

Slicer Setting:  non Support  BaseCup : over 75% Density  CageAdapter : over 75% Density  Others : 25% Density

Design Files

File Size

SupportStick V4.stl
50.3 KB
SmallSupportRing V2.stl
1.99 MB
BaseCup V7.stl
6.43 MB
4.45 MB
CapPlate V6.stl
2.25 MB
LargeSupportRing V2.stl
2.83 MB
114 KB
OneUnit V4.stl
221 KB
7.23 MB


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