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Hello everyone,

This is a reversible vase i designed for a friend of mine. He's writing a book and wanted to display a picture in his book of a reversible vase. It has a symbolic meaning. I modelled the vase in fusion 360 and wanted everyone in the community to be able to print this vase ( for free), so i uploaded it on several websites. I hope you like the model.

I have printed this model in white Ultimaker PLA in 0.2mm resolution and 10% infill. I used automatic support at an 65 degrees angle. And i used a brim to prevent the print curling up at the bottom. My printspeed is 60mm/s.


Use this link to learn for yourself on how to design a vase using Fusion 360:

Download fusion 360 for free visiting this site: (no immediately downloadlink don't worry :))


Raimon of IdeaLab

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