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Batarang’s model consists of two mirrored parts and one pins, which connects them. They make a flexible joint. Button is not real.

Parts of batarang can be rotated relative to each other without fixing position.

Locking mechanism design is not specifically designed, as one sees it on your.

Model dimensions:

- height – 222 mm

- width – 282,5 mm

- thickness - 20 mm

- diameter – 294 mm

Design Files

File Size

Sonar Batarang - Part 2-2.STL
5.11 MB Batarang.mtl
308 Bytes Batarang.obj
10.6 MB Batarang.STL
18.5 MB Batarang folded.mtl
308 Bytes Batarang folded.obj
10.6 MB
Sonar Batarang - Pin-1.STL
6.44 MB
Sonar Batarang - Part 1-1.STL
5.11 MB


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