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UPDATE: Modified the the carriage to make it stronger and better fit. Added Slave carriage for dual simultaneous printing (Work In Progress). If you have a single head printer or 1-E3D Jtype hot end, you can use just this mount and be up and printing. Added: Fan Duct for 30mm 12v Fan Added: Teaser Photo of the Slave Design for printing two identical objects at once on the same print bed. Hardware you will need... Clamp the two halves together. 2x 3x45mm 2x 3mm lock nut Secure the Belt - NOTE: You should attach the right end of the belt X-Axis belt prior to assembling the two halves. Do not over tighten the set screws. 2x 2x12mm Mount the Cable Chain Guide 2x 3x16mm 2x 3x10mm Fan Duct 2x 3x12mm Pan or Button 4x 3x 12mm (Attach Fan) Slave Carriage (still In Development/Testing) ?in x 12mm diameter carbon fiber rod ? Springs ? Screws y-harness to slave extruder motors Print The carriage top down - With supports (Ben's default setting in SLIC3R worked fine. Turn the print temp on the ABS down to 238 and leave the bed temp at 110 for the duration of the print. Let the bed completely cool and your part will pop right off. No glue or tape on the glass required. Print the cable chain holder upright - No supports required, 20 infill, ABS or PLA, the bottom of the chain will rest on the top of the support and you will run the provided plastic bolt from top all the way through to the bottom. Note: There are two holes on the front of the carriage for the planned part's cooling duct to mount. The uploaded files are slightly different than the pictures. This is a work in progress.

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