Test object with elements of the standard DIN EN ISO / ASTM

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 Standardized test object for determining the influence of ambient temperature and humidity on the success of 3D printing. In addition, the geometric accuracy of the 3D printer can be seen.


My name is Markus and I’m a student of the university of applied sciences in Kufstein – Austria. I am seeking your assistance with my Master's thesis, where I examine the influence of ambient temperature and humidity on the success of 3D printing. Since I need a large number of experiments that are carried out under different climatic conditions, I would like to ask you to help me with this.

Attached you will find an STL file of the test object for the 3D printer, a PDF file with the description of the desired settings for the experiments and a PDF file with a test report. Those include all information you need to carry out the test print. Once filled out please send me the files and also include photos of the place where the 3D printer is standing and photos of the test object from every side (above, front, sides, rear).

Additionally, I would be happy to hear about your experiences with the influence of different room temperatures and humidity values on the result of 3D printing in case you have findings that you would like to share (i.e. limits, critical environment, reliability).

Thank you very much for supporting me with my master’s thesis, I highly appreciate it! If you like to receive the results of the thesis, I will gladly send it to you once it is finished. For this feel free to send me a message to [email protected]

Best regards, Markus

PS: If you know anyone else with a 3D printer It would help me a lot if you could send me his contact or forward this email to him or her.

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