The UGG boot Killer - ICS ACR Stock Adapter for SCAR

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Disclaimer: The stock adapter only works for ICS ACR-ish Stock, a regular ACR stock won't fit at all! 

The reasons to use ICS ACR-ish stock for your SCAR: It has adjustable cheekriser and the stock itself is not only extendable and foldable, but it also has a good size of battery compartment! Lastly, it makes your SCAR tacticooler!

It was designed for WE SCAR AEG & GBB (H/L) to get rid of the UGG boot. The ICS ACR-ish stock looks like an ACR stock with all the same capability, plus a battery compartment to accommodate the Lipo.  See my video for details:

It will probably work well with VFC's SCAR  H/L GBBs since I heard the dimensions are the same as WE's. If you have replaced the brass contact joints  with regular wires, you can probably use it on a VFC SCAR AEG.

The file is V3 and I made it very beefy and sturdy for very good durability. It fits very snug and tight in my SCAR, some minor filing jobs may be needed to fit yours, but it will be fairly easy.  It directly uses the long pivot pin and the tension spring taken off from the ICS ACR-ish stock and assembled as the close-up pic shown. 

To print, I'd suggest to use "Support" for sure and the "Raft" for maximum base. For GBBR, I'd suggest to print it with 100% infill.

It works with VFC & WE's SCAR L/H (both AEG & GBB). It does NOT work with an ACR stock, though. It's specifically designed for ICS CXP APE stock.

For VFC's SCAR AEG series, you have to take out the brass electrical contacts and replace them with regular wires.

You can find the ICS ACR-ish stock from EVIKE or other sites, just search "ICS Replacement Folding/Adjustable Stock for CXP APE Series Airsoft AEG Rifles"

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ICS ACR-style Stock Adapter for WE SCAR L & H (Super Enforced for PLA).stl
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ICS ACR-style Stock Adapter for WE SCAR L & H (Slim Design for ABS or PETG).stl
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ICS ACR-style Stock Adapter for WE SCAR L & H (Enforced for PLA Plus).stl
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