Freewing T-45 pylon with bombs

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Hello for the T-45 I have created a pylon and bomb set.

I printed the parts with a Dremel 3D40 with PLA. As slicer software I use Simplify3d. 0.2 layer height. The bomb holder is in 8 parts which are glued together. The pylon is bolted to the wing with 2x10 mm screws.

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Bombe v3 6x.stl
2.06 MB
Bombenhalterung hinten 3x.stl
213 KB
Bombenhalterung vorne 3x.stl
214 KB
Pylon Flaeche rechts.stl
2.93 MB
Pylon Flaeche.stl
2.93 MB
Pylon Halterung Flaeche.stl
45.9 KB
T-45 Bombenhalterung Spitze.stl
1.49 MB
T-45 Bombenhalterung.stl
1.23 MB
T-45 Bombenhalterung Pylon Ansicht.stl
20.3 MB


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