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This is a remix of Parag's model: Bose Soundlink Mini Stand. Original sourcelink:

Credit goes out to him/her in the first place. I just modified the design.

This version of the Bose Soundlink Mini Stand has a closed voronoi pattern. It is a trendy design. U can use it to prevent fluids coming into your bose soundlink mini. Athough the file is not perfect, it printed fine on my Ultimaker 2+. The model weight is 19 gram and it took me exacly 2 hours to print it.

For voronoi tutorial watch this video!

I have printed this model in Ultimaker white PLA with an 0.4mm nozzle. My layer-height was 0.2mm and i have used 10% infill. I used a brim just cause i wanted worries




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