Star Wars Moloch's blaster from "Solo a Star Wars Story"


Support is entirely up to you, there are two holes of 6mm on the grip so you can had some metal rod, the rest of the blaster is connected with 3D printed parts.

Anything that you would like me to change please let me know 

Design Files

File Size

Grip L with no hole.stl
3.56 MB
Grip L.stl
3.62 MB
Grip R with no hole.stl
3.55 MB
Grip R.stl
3.61 MB
358 KB
Main (1).stl
627 KB
Triger guard.stl
340 KB
738 KB
3.16 MB
connect point 1.stl
51.4 KB
connect point 2.stl
32.9 KB


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