Latrax Rally 1/18th Scale Parts


In the Rendered Image, All Parts available and printed to confirm fit are Orange in the picture.

I've started designing some parts for the Latrax Rally. I will be adding more as I get time to take it apart and take measurements.

STOCK PARTS - Front Shock Tower, Rear Shock Tower, Short Bulkhead Brace

MODS - Rear Sub Bumper (Narrow and Wide), Shock Tuning Clips(2mm Increments)

Design Files

File Size

Front Shock Mount.stl
721 KB
Rear Shock Mount.stl
723 KB
Bulk Head Brace Short.stl
679 KB
Shock Spring Retainer.stl
147 KB
Shock Tuning Clip.stl
342 KB
TPU Rear Bumper.stl
236 KB
TPU Rear Bumper Wide.stl
558 KB


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