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Since i owned my first 3D printer (velleman k8200 kit) i have been using Cura. If you believe it or not the software made my 3D printer run so much smoother than the older program i was using for slicing. I was using Repetier for my printer at that time cause, that was the program going hand in hand with my printer. Now i can advice all of you to use Cura for your 3D printer. If your printer is not in the default list (k8200 wasn't) , you can make it a custom. You have to put a little bit of your 3D printer's specs into the Cura program. Something that i have waited very long with before taking action cause i thought i couldn't do it. So after 4/5 months i decided to try it. And it was easy. I edited my bedsize, nozzle-diameter, extruder-temperature. And copy=pasted the start- and end-g-code in the settings. I wasn't sure what i was doing cause i couldn't find alot documentation about how to do it. But thought simple: my x-y-z- endstops with prefend the worst. I was a beginner that was learning..

I haven't printed these models (yet). But i have previewed them into my slicer (something i advice to do first before starting your print). And i have seen no problems with the detail.

Print it with a single or multiple color, with filament or resin..and show me what you guys have made of it (if you don't want to post a picture of your print it's totally fine)

Use this coaster to house your favourite drink.

This is a standard size coaster (100 by 100 by 5 mm), to fit in my coasterholder:




Design process

I picked a logo from my browser and have put it in svg format in inktscape. Opened the svg file in blender and made it a 3D object. In meshmixer i have repaired the file; and erased some aspects. In meshmixer i have also added a coaster. Than i have merged the coaster with the picture after scaling the picture. For the negative model i have use 123design to substract the file from a drink-coaster. Saved it as a STL file and sliced it for printing. Cause the model has still some issues even after repairing it in meshmixer; i have decided to export it into Netfabb Online Service. This is an app i discovered recently after using MakePrintable. Cause MakePrintable in my opion only gives us 3 procedures of fixing an STL file and, with Netfabb Online Service the frequency of STL fix procedures is unlimited, my choice was clear. It worked well for me and i could slice the model without any problems.

If you would like to know how i design a 2D picture (google) into a 3D model. Use this link: (video is under 6 min.)

2D to 3D in Blender

use this link to download blender for free:

use this link to download inkscape for free:

Design Files

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cura coaster negative_fixed.stl
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cura coaster positive_fixed.stl
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