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miniMe - DIY mini Robots & Rover & RC & Etc. Platform


3D Design Tool: SketchUp Pro

miniMe's robots are built on top of an open source Arduino-based(ESP8266) platform.

Rover  Self Balancing Robot Line Tracer RC Car HomeIoTBot Etc...


Base Plate(Parts):  

  • 3D Printing 


  • 1 x WeMos D1 mini ESP8266 ESP-12
  • 1 x HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Distance Measurement Sensor
  • 1 x 8 x 8 LED I2C Matrix
  • 2 x 16340  Battery Holder
  • 1 x 2S 7.4V or 1S 3.7V Lithium Battery Charger Protection Board 
  • 2 x 16340  Batteries
  • Motor (TT motor, N20 motor, SG90 Servo, Standard Servo) 
  • Power Requirements: 4.2DVC (Single), 8.4VDC (Dual), 9VDC ~ 12 VDC (Adapter)


  • miniMe-BB: TT motor type 
  • miniMe-BB: N20 motor type 
  • miniMe-BB: SG90 Servo Motor type 
  • miniMe-Rover: Servo motor type (Standard Servo) 
  • miniMe-Rover: TT motor type

The open source ProfileBlock hardware and software is free and made with love.  Please show your level of support with a voluntary donation.


Zalophus's DesignHouse: and

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