Digital Try-in Full Dentures for Injection Molding


Digital Try-in Full Dentures for Injection Molding. Complete dentures are full-coverage oral prosthetic devices that replace a complete arch of missing teeth. The following are indications for this type of dental prosthesis: 1. Full arch of missing teeth .Dental implants that have been deemed inappropriate by patient and/or doctor because of financial constraints, a medically compromised status that contraindicates surgery, or inevitable damage to vital structures such as maxillary sinuses, nerves, and vessels Intraoral cancer that has caused a loss of gross intraoral tissue, resulting in an edentulous dental arch; the complete denture prosthesis would then not only replace teeth but also fill in the portion of missing tissue (eg, nasopharynx, hard palate). Those complete digital dentures are designed in 3Shape Dental System 2018 and rendered realistically in KeyShot Pro 8.1

Design Files

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1530538825_20190102_1627_RAMI ME790D75773F8E4886811C2D79DCCF0EC1 1.stl
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1530538825_20190102_1627_RAMI MED218F3CC7D7F46F28E7F93C27E677D62 2.stl
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