DAOKO Girl Star Wand

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I was asked to design the star for the wand that magically appears from a blob in the music video "Girl" by DAOKO. I was told it turned out great!

I added a few more files into the mix to help create a great star wand. There's a completely solid wand, a wand that fits a clear .25 inch dowel, and a wand with standalone pieces.

The wand measures approximately 19 inches by 7 inches by 1.25 inches. All of the files can be scaled up or down pretty reliably, but the files with "dowel" in the name are specifically designed for that quarter inch in diameter dowel.

Here's the music video: 

What beauty will you bring to our monotonous world?

Design Files

File Size

DAOKO Star.stl
1.01 MB
DAOKO Large Bead Dowel.stl
3.15 MB
DAOKO Small Bead.stl
4.31 MB
DAOKO Star Dowel.stl
1.03 MB
DAOKO Small Bead Dowel.stl
2.85 MB
DAOKO One Piece.stl
842 KB
DAOKO Large Bead.stl
3.49 MB
DAOKO Handle.stl
315 KB
DAOKO Handle Dowel.stl
339 KB


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