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Growing up, I used to enjoy putting tangram pieces together to create all different kinds of shapes. The idea that you could create any shape, you just need to use all of the pieces was such a fun idea to me that I thought to bring it back in the form of something additionally useful.

These tangram containers are based off of the five traditional shapes, but they're raised and hollowed out to make for perfectly sized trays. They can also be flipped over to be used as blocky tangram pieces.

Each piece was created separately so that they could be printed in a variety of colored filaments.

When assembled as a complete tangram square, the box measures 9 inches x 9 inches x 1.5 inches. The boxes are around 1.4 inches deep.

Whether for your office or the kitchen table, these shapes are bound to add more fun to your space.

These containers shouldn't require supports to print.

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