Rounded Office Containers

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Walking around the neighborhood, I remember seeing modular-looking containers for the desk. I created these to add a little fun to my desk, and now hopefully yours.

There are five different shapes included in this listing. Contain consists of a circular area that is inset. It can contain items like paperclips. Dish is a shallow bowl that can hold similar items. Peg is useful for things that might stand up like pens. Slide is useful for items that are flat like business cards. Lastly, Tray is a basic tray that makes the most use of the space in the shape.

Each model, with the exclusion of Tray, comes in a solid and hollow version. The solid version is easier to print out of the box, but the hollow one is designed to use less filament.

The office containers can be scaled up pretty reliably.

Each container measures 3 inches x 3 inches x .75 inches.

Hope this helps you better organize your desk in a fun, moveable way!

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Rounded Office Container Contain.stl
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Rounded Office Container Peg.stl
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