+5.25 Prescription Lens Adapter - Windows MR


STL file only. Pair. Updated for better fit. Tested with Acer, HP, Lenovo Explorer and Dell Visor, but it should work with Asus.

This is for diopter up to +5.25 with 1.67 High-Index lenses, or higher dipter with higher index lenses. Other sizes available with other designs under my name. Get a pair of lenses compatible with this adapter by ordering this pair of eyeglasses for $10

Try this link for $5 off http://bit.ly/2JcVDNk and then search for 550021

or if you don't want discount:


Add anti-reflective coating, as it is free.

Large - up to +5.25 with 1.67 High-Index lenses (overall lens thickness of 5.7 mm)

Larger diopters than these are supported with higher index lenses (available on Zenni at order time, with higher prices).

Note: according to my research, when ordering above eyeglasses, the IPD (interpupillary distance) should be set to 69 regardless of your personal IPD. This way the center of eyeglasses lenses would overlap the center of Mixed Reality Headset lenses.

If you want perfect fit for your diopter, you can order eyeglasses with lenses first, measure thickness, and I will update model to that diopter.

See mounting video, and please note that the adapter in the video is an older version

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