Christmas thealight holder (electronic)

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Christmas thealight holder (electronic)

Christmas is just around the corner. This model is perfect for the festive season. It's Christmas around the world. Print it as a gift to those special someone. Or print it for your home. I used an electronic thealight inside to light up the holder.  A thealight fits nicely into the model. I'm not sure what a real fire-thealight would do; i guess it would melt the print and you end up with a mess?! Let us not find out. The thealight holder has a voronoi diagram, but the model is closed.

Note: the points at the bottom of the model can be sharp.

I have printed this model with Ultimaker White PLA at 70mm/s. I used a brim just to be sure the model would nice stay on the platform. My layerheight was 0.25mm and i used 10% infill.

My extruder had a nice temperature of 210 degrees Celcius, and my printbed was 60 degrees Celcius.



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