Freewing Yak 130 90mm Cockpit

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The Freewing Yak 130 90mm used by me had the foam under the cockpit canopy already very damaged. That's why I decided to start my biggest 3D drawing project.

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Übersicht Cockpit

Design Files

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Instrumententaffel Copilot.stl
579 KB
Spiegel (1).stl
15.5 KB
Pilot Schalterboard rechts.stl
917 KB
Pilot Schalterboard links .stl
512 KB
Optik (2).stl
36.4 KB
Optik (1).stl
68.2 KB
1.45 KB
LCD Schalter.stl
18.6 KB
Cockpit Abdeckung Copilot.stl
296 KB
Cockpit Abdeckung Pilot.stl.stl
1.94 MB
Copilot Schalterboard links.stl
791 KB
Copilot Schalterboard rechts.stl
860 KB
Freewing Yak 130 90mm Schleudersitz liegend geschnitten.stl
4.71 MB
Instrumententafel Pilot.stl
616 KB
3.01 KB


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