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I wanted to make a light up staff for Halloween, I used translucent light blue for the "crystal" with 10% infill for greater brightness, the hole in the middle fits an Adafruit Jewel 7 snug, I used white ABS at 60% infill for the connector and "wings". The hole in the staff base are set up for 1 1/4" PVC pipe where the USB battery pack is stored. I used an Arduino MKR1000 that I had laying around to control the RGB on the Jewel with Blynk on my phone so I can change the color at whim. The txt file has the code used for the MKR1000. For the Blynk project I used 1 button set to virtual PIN 0 and a zeRGBa set to virtual PIN 1 merged. I played around for a few hours trying to set up a breathing option but could not get it to work because the wifi turned off on the MKR1000 when running a loop for color changing.

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