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The Fortnite coaster v3 is finally here, using a 2D model and convert it to a 3D model concept. Fortnite is a popular game. And a drink coaster like this would definitely get you that Victory Royale!

Resolution: 0.2 mm

Infill: 20 %

If you would like to know how i disign a 2D picture (google) into a 3D model.

Use this link: (video is under 6 min.)

..and find out how i learned this usefull skill in under an half hour.


This model is maybe a little big for you, but if you're smart you can scale it down to your needs. For me this was the right size. The model was printed with white Octofiber PLA. And i've used a skirt around the print for a smooth deposal at the start.

2D to 3D in Blender

use this link to download blender for free:

use this link to download inkscape for free:

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fortnite negative cura V3.stl
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